Using Redlight Therapy to Reduce Pain and Swelling

Inflammation / Pain Management w/ UltraSlim

While hiking around the mountains here in Ft. Collins, Colorado might be great for your mental health it can cause strain on your body. This strain often comes in the form of lower back pain along with pain in your knees. Here at Colorado Ultraslim, we have a solution for this problem, our RedLight Therapy services that are proven to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

The reason that red light therapy helps reduce pain and swelling is because of the use of Photobiomodulation that is built into the bulbs of the redlight lamps. This Photobiomodulation allows for the wavelength of light to alternate and trick your body into thinking it is in a relaxing state which causes it to naturally begin to repair itself.

Here at Colorado Ultraslim, we are industry-leading experts in the use of red light therapy to repair and help rejuvenate your body. If you are on the fence about if redlight is the right choice for you simply reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation today!

How Redlight Therapy Tricks Your Body Into Reducing Inflammation and Pain

After a long day of walking or hiking around Colorado often we get home and have some degree of pain. This is often caused by the constant movement associated with walking or hiking long distances. From pinched nerves to inflamed joints and muscles this can quickly become a major problem.

However, in the 1960’s several doctors in California started to experiment with a series of lasers that alternated low-frequency wavelengths on patients suffering from inflammation and pain. What they discovered was that when a laser was set to a low power the body started to heal and reduce pain at a much faster rate. Further, this trend continued with each subsequent use of the therapy. This phenomenon was called Photobiomodulation.

Photobiomodulation works because the lasers trick the human body into repairing the hurt area faster than normal. This is done through the lasers stimulating nerves in the body’s muscles to increase blood flow to the pain region. Over time this expedites the recovery process and even helps to ‘train’ your body to repair itself faster in the future.

Today this Photobiomodulation is called red light therapy. Here at Colorado Ultraslim, we offer the state of the art red light therapy that alternates the low frequency and safe laser to trick the human body into repairing itself at an alarming rate.

Should You Book a Redlight Therapy Session to Reduce Inflammation and Pain?

The answer to this depends on what is causing your pain. Red light therapy does not solve major issues such as diseases, sicknesses, or physical wounds. However, red light therapy does help when it comes to sprains, nerve damage, and general pain from everyday wear and tear on your body.

If you are hiking around the mountains in the west of Ft. Collins, Colorado, and feel your lower back hurting then chances are you have a stretched/sprained muscle or a pinched nerve. This is where red light therapy shines.

Colorado Ultraslim offers the state of the art red light therapy that is designed to reduce both pain and inflammation. If you feel sore or have constant pain in a part of your body we can help reduce or prevent it through the use of red light therapy.

This is when you should reach out for a red light therapy session; whenever you feel sore or pain in a muscle group. Red light therapy has been proven to help reduce the pain caused by inflamed muscles and nerves in most regions of the body.

How Long Does It Take for Red Light Therapy to Start Working

This is a common question we get whenever we talk with clients; the answer is that it depends on a whole variety of factors.

When we talk with you about what your needs are we often tailor our services to you. With this individualized attention, we get results much faster than anticipated but it still might take some time to accomplish your goals.

Some of our guests will see a noticeable difference after just one session while others might start to see improvements in their pain and swelling after 3 or 4. After all the timeline depends on just how much damage needs to be repaired with red light therapy.

Once we talk with you we can give you an honest answer on an estimate for a timeline. However, it will range from person to person depending on what your goals are. If you are on the fence about contacting us you can read our reviews here and check out a gallery of some of our clients here.

Is There Anything I Can Do Along With Redlight Therapy to Help With Reducing Pain and Inflammation

While our red light therapy sessions are the best in the business there are several things you can do to drastically expedite the results and timeline.

One of the best things you can do is to eat a healthy diet and get a good night’s sleep before your red light session. When it comes to reducing pain and inflammation in your muscles and nerves giving your body the best recovery time and food is vital. We will stimulate your body with red light therapy but it also needs the building blocks to repair itself.

Another thing that we often recommend clients do is gently stretch the inflamed area before bed. You don’t want to overdo it but a gentle stretch is all it takes after red light therapy and before bed. This is going to drastically help you achieve the goals we set up in the no-obligation consultation.

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