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About Colorado UltraSlim® and Optavia

We All Feel That Healthier Slimmer Self Somewhere Inside.

But where did it go and how did it happen that when we look in the mirror, it’s nowhere to be seen. That’s how I felt having unresolved health issues following abdominal surgery; I wanted inflammation reduction, to lose weight fast, help with pain management and digestive issues. I was at the point of the silent plea; “HELP, look at me. I’ve tried everything, and nothing works”.

The help came in the form of a radio ad for a Denver based business being advertised by sportscaster Dave Logan, The Sports Zoo, on 85KOA. I investigated and found UltraSlim to be noninvasive, guaranteed and the first and only patented treatment for fat loss. I was excited and decided to commit to the 6 sessions. My health issues immediately started to resolve plus I loss inches and weight. I felt great and was totally hooked. Why was no one was offering this service in northern Colorado? Most people wouldn’t and couldn’t drive 4 hours for an hour treatment no matter how effective it was.

I had been working with red light therapy for over 20 years including torch lights, near-infrared saunas and Q1000 lasers and I knew the benefits. I tried all these devices and many more for my current situation, only UltraSlim gave me immediate, pain free results. I was so excited I talked with a friend who has been involved and licensed in the skin rejuvenation and hair loss industries. We started investigating the parent company, Ward Photonics. We read their studies and patents and with each day became more convinced of their patented red-light therapy. We opened Colorado UltraSlim in Fort Collins 2 months later.

Within a month of opening, we realized our clients wanted full body weight loss in addition to losing stubborn pockets of fat. A friend had just told me she lost over 50#s in 5 months on the Optavia healthy habits food plan. She had been overweight since high school and couldn’t believe she found a plan that finally worked for her. Again, we investigated and found the pounds melted away and sleep and energy returned. We truly believe you can be your UltraYou with UltraSlim® and Optavia®. Bye, bye stubborn pockets of fat and yoyo dieting. We guarantee the results.

There's a beauty to wisdom and experience that cannot be faked. It's impossible to be mature without having lived

Amy Grant

Lose at least 2" today!

No Dieting Exercise Drugs Surgery Pain Discomfort


2024 Specials

$250 Special

15 minute Free phone consultation and a single area spot treatment for  immediate fat loss

$400 Savings

On a package of treatments UltraSlim®UltraYou Transformation

Consult with our technician for your best program UltraSlim® for fat Spot reduction and skin rejuvenation. Optavia for overall weight loss. 

UltraYou choose both programs.

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