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If you have a Dad Bod, need a Mommy makeover, want to get back into your skinny jeans, are headed to your class reunion and want to look 10 years younger than all your “old” friends or are headed to the beach and don’t want to wear your oversized sweater at the pool... UltraSlim® is for you.

Lose weight fast, belly fat, face fat, breast fat, arms, thighs, or tush.  We have even had a request to reduce the fat above the elbow.  It can be done with our personal custom services.   

While UltraSlim® achieves dramatic immediate results, all other noninvasive body contouring technologies take months to see even minimal results. UltraSlim® treatments are performed with the only body contouring device, which is rated as Risk Group 1, the safest category of medical devices and the same risk group as a tongue depressor.  None of the other noninvasive body contouring devices are as safe as UltraSlim®. Only UltraSlim® has no pain, no downtime, no side effects, and no adverse outcomes.  All treatments use Red Light Therapy as a stand alone or in conjunction with other protocols. 

You will see immediate results for many of the fat reduction treatments for as little as $500 per treatment.

With only 32 minutes of treatment, ladies lose an average of 3.5” from their waist, hips, and thighs. Men lose an average of 3.5” from their chest and abdomen. In clinical trials recorded at ClinicalTrials.gov (NCT02867150), patients averaged 3.52 # of fat loss at each treatment.

You will lose at least 2” of fat at your very first UltraSlim® treatment, or your money back. Guaranteed!*

*Guarantee is for belly fat combination of 4 measurements of the circumference.

Lose at least 2" today!

No Dieting Exercise Drugs Surgery Pain Discomfort


2024 Specials

$250 Special

15 minute Free phone consultation and a single area spot treatment for  immediate fat loss

$400 Savings

On a package of treatments UltraSlim®UltraYou Transformation

Consult with our technician for your best program UltraSlim® for fat Spot reduction and skin rejuvenation. Optavia for overall weight loss. 

UltraYou choose both programs.

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