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Is your round face or sagging neckline causing you frustration?  Maybe you’ve lost weight, but your face just isn’t showing the same rate of improvement as the rest of your body.  This blog will discuss how you can lose face fat, tighten your skin, and even get a surgery-free neck lift!  If this appeals to you, then it’s time for you to check out red light therapy!

Red light therapy is a surgery-free way to lose face fat, tighten your skin, and even get a neck lift.  It is also injection-free and medication-free.  It is a natural, safe way to lose weight, even in your face! 

Having a round face can make some people feel like they look too childlike.  Others like their youthful appearance.  But, if your round face bothers you, then red light therapy might be a good solution.  If you are noticing the natural effects of aging on your skin and would like your skin to appear tighter and younger, then red light therapy could be the answer.  And, if the skin under your chin is annoying you with the appearance of a saggy neck, then you guessed it, look into red light therapy! 

Lose Face Fat

Having a round or “baby” face can be frustrating for some adults.  Maybe you don’t feel like people take you as seriously.  Maybe they treat you like you are younger than you are.  You may have been losing weight lately, but your face doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo.  Everyone has an area that seems to show their weight loss last.  If you are feeling frustrated with your face’s fat factor, then red light therapy might be a good solution for you.  Our red light UltraSlim treatments are performed with a body contouring device.  Using this device, we can target specific areas, enabling us to target not only your face but specific areas of your face to help achieve the desired results. 

Tighten Your Skin

Maybe you aren’t battling face fat, but you are battling the natural signs of aging.  When did a person with wrinkles start looking back at you in the mirror?  Red light therapy isn’t just for targeting fat cells.  It can also be used to tighten your skin.  As we age, we lose collagen which helps give our face that youthful, wrinkle-free glow of our younger years.  After the age of 20, we produce about 1 percent less collagen in our skin per year.  So, by the age of 50, you could have 30 percent less collagen than when you were 20!  That’s a significant difference.  Red light therapy can help increase the production of collagen which provides firmness.  It can also help increase the production of elastin which supplies elasticity.  Your skin isn’t beyond help and repair.  Red light therapy can make a difference in your skin’s appearance!

Surgery-Free Neck Lift

A saggy neck can be super frustrating.  When you were younger you probably thought only old people had saggy necks.  Now, here you are, NOT an old person, but confronting a neck that does not make you smile when you see it in the mirror.  Whether you are scared of surgery, don’t have the money for elective surgery, or simply want a more natural way to deal with this issue, red light therapy can provide a surgery-free neck lift.  It is pain-free with zero recovery time.  It is far less expensive than elective surgery which is not covered by health insurance.  And, it is all-natural.  Red light therapy is an excellent alternative to surgery for unwanted neck sagging. 

Colorado UltraSlim

Colorado UltraSlim is located in Fort Collins, CO, serving those in the Fort Collins and Windsor, CO, areas.  After going on her own weight loss journey and discovering the benefits of UltraSlim for herself, our owner joined forces with a friend who was in the skin rejuvenation industry to open Colorado UltraSlim.  They wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of red light therapy.  There was nobody doing it in this area of Colorado, so they wanted to make it available to their community.  Nobody has time to drive 4 hours to receive a 1-hour treatment.  But now, their local residents could have a session on their lunch break!  Now they could experience the benefits our owners had experienced for themselves.


Losing face fat, tightening your skin, or having a surgery-free neck lift may have seemed impossible until now.  But, now longer!  Colorado UltraSlim’s red light therapy can help you lose unwanted face fat by targeting specific areas.  We can help you tighten and rejuvenate your skin by using red light therapy to enhance collagen and elastin production.  We can restore your youthful appearance by getting rid of that saggy neck with our surgery-free neck lift obtained through red light therapy.  If you are ready to take control of your own appearance and your level of comfort and confidence, then it’s time to pursue the natural, safe, pain-free, surgery-free UltraSlim red light therapy.  Please contact us today to get started!  To get you even more excited about coming in, we are offering a free 15-minute phone consultation along with a single-area spot treatment for $250.  We are also offering a $400 savings on an UltraSlim UltraYou Transformation.  We can’t wait to celebrate your results with you!

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