Non-Invasive Breast Reduction

Traditional surgeries are expensive, invasive, painful and require so much downtime.

Not with UltraSlim®!

UltraSlim® eliminates unwanted fat & sculpts your breasts without surgery, pain, or downtime and for far less cost than surgery. UltraSlim® works for both women & men and you could see results in just one 8-minute treatment!

UltraSlim® Breast Reduction/Lift treatment is the ONLY non-invasive option in the marketplace today with FDA Approval.  Red light breast reduction is based on exposing the breast tissue to lasers or LED emitters that reduce the volume of the fat and tighten the skin, without surgery.

Ladies are asked to bring in a bra one cup size smaller than their current bra.  You can reduce your cup size or firm & lift your breasts in just one 8-minute session!! Your individualized care plan will include the number of treatment sessions to achieve your goals. This procedure is safe, FDA-approved, non-surgical, non-invasive, pain-free & drug-free with no side effects or downtime!

Lose at least 2" today!

No Dieting Exercise Drugs Surgery Pain Discomfort


2024 Specials

$250 Special

15 minute Free phone consultation and a single area spot treatment for  immediate fat loss

$400 Savings

On a package of treatments UltraSlim®UltraYou Transformation

Consult with our technician for your best program UltraSlim® for fat Spot reduction and skin rejuvenation. Optavia for overall weight loss. 

UltraYou choose both programs.

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