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It is very beneficial for you to be informed prior to your first appointment. Visiting www.coloradoultraslim.com is a good place to start. Please read the following 3 forms. You will be asked to sign and acknowledge receipt prior to your first UltraSlim® appointment. And of course, call or email us with any questions.

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You will see immediate results for many of the fat reduction treatments for as little as $500 per treatment.  With only 32 minutes of treatment, ladies lose an average of 3.5” from their waist, hips, and thighs and men, lose an average of 3.5” from their chest and abdomen. In clinical trials recorded at ClinicalTrials.gov (NCT02867150), patients averaged 3.52 # of fat loss at each treatment.  You will lose at least 2” of fat at your very first UltraSlim® treatment, or your money back. Guaranteed! *

Watch for our in-house specials.

Most body sculpting treatments are a minimum of $650 a treatment, taking multiple sessions with delayed results seen over months of treatment, not to mention dangerous side effects.

*Guarantee is for belly fat combination of 4 measurements of the circumference.

UltraSlim® treatments are performed with the only body contouring device, which is FDA rated as Risk Group 1, the safest category of medical devices and the same risk group as a tongue depressor.  None of the other noninvasive body contouring devices are as safe as UltraSlim®.

Only UltraSlim® has no pain, no downtime, no side effects, and no adverse outcomes.

No!  It’s so relaxing many people take a nap.  Those with pain actually feel better after their session.

The UltraSlim® LED panel is focused on your stubborn fat or skin condition that you wish to have treated.  The light will be adjusted, and you will be rotated as per your customized treatment protocol.  Sessions customarily range from 32 minutes to 1 hour with added time for consultations.  Bring music or a book and relax like you are laying in the sun at the pool or beach… without the harmful rays.

Based on clinical studies and verifiable results, optimal results (average loss of 6-12 inches) takes place when UltraSlim® sessions are structured over a 3–6-week period. Your body will process for three days after each session, so be sure to wear your compression garment, drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol/coffee, and exercise a little more than usual during these three days.  Then it’s up to you to create a healthy lifestyle to support the UltraSlim® treatments.  If you want to keep the pounds off, avoid fats and carbs and keep your potions in check.  Be sure to move!

No, we are all different. UltraSlim® should not be used by pregnant women, active lupus or individuals with active cancer or a compromised liver.  It is safe for breast feeding Moms.  UltraSlim empties the treated fat cells over 48-72 hours into the lymphatic system to be processed by the liver and then eliminated in the patient’s stool and urine.  UltraSlim® does not harm or kill the fat cells.  Always consult with your healthcare provider about the UltraSlim® process. 

During the fat loss treatment UltraSlim® actually tightens the skin by creating new collagen and elastin.  It even works on fine lines, brown spots, scars, cellulite and stretch marks.  Other benefits of this red light therapy are:  increased blood circulation, enhanced metabolism and detoxification.  Your whole body will feel revived. 

It has been proved 7 times more effective than other procedures like liposuction, microwaves, freezing or ultrasound and without the pain, side effects or expense.  The UltraSlim® treatment is relaxing, and the results are immediate.  

Yes, Optavia is the answer to the all too familiar questions we hear . . . I’m tired of yoyo dieting or I’ve tried everything, and nothing works. You are not alone. Many of our clients are happy with fat spot reduction but they want more. They want to once and for all lose all the excess weight they are carrying. Part of their goal is to improve how they look but the other part is to improve how they feel. They know the excess pounds are hurting their joints and organs.

Ready for that change. Optavia has several weight loss plans depending on your goal. We are an Optavia Independent coach and can advise you as to the best plan for you. Use the contact form to request more information.


2024 Specials

$250 Special

15 minute Free phone consultation and a single area spot treatment for  immediate fat loss

$400 Savings

On a package of treatments UltraSlim®UltraYou Transformation

Consult with our technician for your best program UltraSlim® for fat Spot reduction and skin rejuvenation. Optavia for overall weight loss. 

UltraYou choose both programs.

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