Ward Photonics Clinical Trials

Through the Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) clinical trials Ward Photonics has received patents and FDA approval of fat reduction with UltraSlim® and cellulite and fat reduction with UltraSmooth®.

Their current “clinical study is for photobiomodulation for Lung Inflammation in patients recovering from pulmonary inflammation. This study will evaluate the use of red light to relieve inflammation and resulting respiratory distress in patients with ongoing symptoms after infection with COVID-19.”


2024 Specials

$250 Special

15 minute Free phone consultation and a single area spot treatment for  immediate fat loss

$400 Savings

On a package of treatments UltraSlim®UltraYou Transformation

Consult with our technician for your best program UltraSlim® for fat Spot reduction and skin rejuvenation. Optavia for overall weight loss. 

UltraYou choose both programs.

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