Can Using a Vibrational Plate Help You Lose Weight?

Did you know that over ⅔ of adults in the United States are overweight or obese?  Our country has a weight issue, and the South has the highest obesity rate in the U.S. It’s not our fault the food is so good here, but what we eat and how much of it we eat is up to us!  This article is going to discuss weight loss and particularly the use of a vibrational plate to help make that happen.  If you are one of the many adults fighting the battle of the bulge, then red light therapy combined with the use of a vibrational plate may be the weight loss weapon you need.

A vibrational plate may be an effective tool to help you lose weight in conjunction with red light therapy.  By the loss of fat from your fat cells combined with the increased flow to your lymphatic system, you can literally leave a treatment smaller than when you walked in for your appointment.

Colorado UltraSlim specializes in helping you achieve your weight loss goals whether you desire overall body weight loss or targeted areas, such as your face or neck.  With the use of red light therapy and a vibrational plate, your weight loss goals are not out of reach.  To obtain even more optimal results, add in a healthy diet and exercise (as recommended by all doctors!).  As soon as you saw diet and exercise in the last sentence, your heart might have dropped.  But, when we say diet we simply mean healthy eating.  If this has been a struggle for you, our Optavia eating program may be a perfect fit for you.  And exercise doesn’t mean an expensive gym membership.  It can be a walk around your neighborhood!  But, baby steps are the first steps to achieving any goal.  So, don’t feel overwhelmed.  Start with our red light therapy and vibrational plate and watch your body transform before your eyes without any changes to your diet or exercise routine!

What Is a Vibrational Plate?

A vibrational plate is exactly what it sounds like.  You stand on a machine that resembles a small treadmill, but it merely vibrates.  You don’t have to do anything except stand on it.  It causes your whole body to vibrate.  We recommend that clients do this for ten minutes following a red light therapy treatment to get the most out of their fat loss. It increases flow to your lymphatic system.  It also transmits energy to your body causing your muscles to relax and contract. 

Advocates say that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength, and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.  More research needs to be done before experts can determine if a vibrational plate provides more benefits than simple exercises, such as walking.  But, it certainly can’t hurt!

Why Do I Need Red Light Therapy

It is likely that a vibrational plate alone will not do much for you regarding fat loss.  It is designed to be the finishing touch after a session of red light therapy to take advantage of the changes occurring in your body.

Red light therapy is completely non-invasive and painless.  Some people find it to be quite relaxing.  NASA initially used red light to encourage plant growth on space shuttle missions.  It was later found to reduce a painful side effect of cancer patients who had undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Red light therapy is now being used to treat an array of issues, such as acne, improving wound healing, tightening skin, and weight loss.

You may have heard of red light wands or machines available for home use.  The problem with these is that different wavelengths are required to treat different issues.  Additionally, they are likely a lower power than in a professional setting rendering them less effective.  The best, most effective red light therapy can be obtained through a trained professional, such as those at Colorado UltraSlim in Fort Collins, CO.

Where Can I Go For Red Light Therapy and a Vibrational Plate Session?

We are so glad you asked!  Colorado UltraSlim serves those in the Fort Collins, CO, and Windsor, CO areas.  We offer red light therapy followed by a vibrational plate session.  We also offer Optavia healthy eating plans.  There are multiple plans available, so our Optavia coaches can help you choose the plan that is best for you.  Along with the Optavia eating plan, you will have an Optavia coach who will be by your side on your weight loss journey. 

If you are interested in “spot therapy” in which we use red light therapy to target certain areas, such as your face or neck, that is also available here at Colorado UltraSlim.  Everyone’s weight loss goals look different.  Some have “trouble spots” while others desire to target their body as a whole.  Whatever your goals, the team at Colorado UltraSlim is here to help you achieve them!  In order to help you achieve your goals, we are currently offering a $250 special which includes a 15-minute phone consultation and a single area spot treatment for immediate fat loss!  We are also offering a $400 savings on a package of UltraSlim UltraYou Transformation treatments.  If you are ready to say goodbye to the extra weight that has been plaguing you, then please reach out to us today!

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