Can You Get a Neck Lift Without Surgery?

man neck lift before and after ultraslim treatment

Do you feel like you could compete with a turkey for the best “neck gobbler?”  Technically, it is called a wattle, but that isn’t the point, is it?  Now there is a non-surgical way to address the excess skin in your chin and neck area.  We will discuss why you might be interested in a neck lift, what a non-surgical neck lift is, and where you can have this painless procedure done.

Non-surgical neck lifts are real!  Using red-light therapy you can reduce the appearance of unwanted, loose skin in the chin and neck area.  What once seemed like a futuristic idea is now available.

Something to remember – surgeons like to do surgery.  That’s why they became surgeons.  So, if you go to a surgeon and ask if you need surgery, what are they likely to say?  If you go to a med spa or red light therapy practitioner, they are likely to come up with some non-surgical procedures to help you achieve your desired results.  This means a fast recovery or even no recovery period at all.  It also means little to no pain!  Those benefits alone make it worth looking into the non-surgical procedures offered at Colorado Ultra Slim, located in Fort Collins, CO. 

Why You Might Be Interested in a Neck Lift

Loose skin around the chin and neck can be frustrating.  This is often the result of weight loss.  It can be distressing when something positive like losing weight to benefit your health comes with a negative side effect like loose skin.  Many people don’t want to have surgery to correct these types of issues.  Maybe they can’t afford an elective surgery that is usually not covered by insurance.  Maybe they simply don’t like the idea of anesthesia or being cut open!  All of those are valid reasons to avoid surgery.

For others, loose skin in the chin and neck area is simply a part of the aging process.  After the age of 20, we produce about 1% less collagen in our skin each year!  Poor health choices such as excessive drinking or overexposure to the sun can radically affect how your skin ages.  Combined with the natural decrease in collagen production, that makes a perfect equation for wrinkles and sagging skin.

What is a Non-Surgical Neck Lift?

So, if you are not interested in surgery, how can you address the chin and neck area that are troubling you?  A non-surgical neck lift may be just what you want.  A non-surgical neck lift is accomplished using red light therapy.  Red light therapy is new to many people.  It is really what it sounds like – a non-surgical procedure using red light. 

Red light therapy is also known as photodynamic therapy.  Red light therapy uses specific wavelengths of red light to produce the desired results.  Red light therapy is used to stimulate collagen production.  There’s that magical word – collagen!  No creams or chemicals are needed for red light therapy to work.  It is painless which is more than you can say for even some facial creams!  By simply using the right wavelength and intensity of red light, your skin can be stimulated to tighten up and give you the appearance of having a neck lift! 

Where Can You Go for a Non-Surgical Neck Lift?

If you live in the Fort Collins, CO, or Windsor, CO, area, then you can visit us at Colorado UltraSlim for your non-surgical neck lift!  While we offer set office hours for our clients, we also understand those hours don’t work for everyone.  We encourage you to call the office to set up an appointment that works for you!  That’s right, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule even if it’s outside our normal operating hours.  We want you to have the best experience possible and to leave our office feeling and looking your best.  We believe our red light therapy can help do that for you!


Red light therapy can encourage collagen production and help tighten skin to achieve the look you want without the pain or recovery time required for surgery.  With our non-invasive, non-surgical neck lift, you will see the neck you want, not a neck that’s in competition with your Thanksgiving meal!  If you are ready to make some skin changes with the use of red light therapy, then reach out to us today.  We can’t wait to join in your journey!

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